Leadership Treasure

25  Bits of Gold Discovered From 25 Years as a CEO

Good leadership can’t truly be taught in school

The leaders who make the most impact are those who have been forged by the daily challenges, pressures, and victories of working at the top.

In Leadership Treasure: 25 Bits of Gold Discovered from 25 Years as a CEO, Jeff Whitehorn generously shares the wealth of insights he has amassed over his long career at the helm of numerous hospitals within HCA Healthcare. He realizes that real-world experience is priceless, and the lessons learned should be shared with others so that they can become better leaders within their organizations and communities.

Through engrossing stories, humorous anecdotes, and keen reflections, Whitehorn will mentor you through twenty-five lessons and principles to enrich your leadership skills and advance your career. If you want short, easy-to-read chapters without lots of fluff, then this book is for you.  If you want to discover the leadership treasure that will guide you toward becoming a better leader, then this book is for you. It you want to learn from someone to who sat at the top for 25 years—then this book is for you

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Jeff did a masterful job of leading his hospital...His strong skill set of interacting positively with people, and leadership in general, allowed him, and his hospital, to perform at a high level with patient satisfaction outcomes, employee and physician engagement, and financial metrics.  I encourage you to take advantage of the experiences and lessons that he shares in his book.  If you are a new leader or an experienced leader, I believe you will benefit from them.

—Sam Hazen
CEO of HCA Healthcare

Jeff Whitehorn is an author, speaker, and executive coach certified by the global accrediting body, International Coaching Federation (ICF).  After earning his BS degree from Lipscomb University and his MBA from the University of Alabama, Jeff worked 29 years in hospital administration, serving as a hospital CEO for 25 years before retiring from HCA Healthcare. Jeff continues to serve in leadership roles as a member of community boards and within his church.  He and his wife, Jennifer, reside in Brentwood, TN. They have two grown daughters, Ashleigh and Emily.